August 2nd, 2006

God met duif

Celebrating Lammas

   "August",  Book of Hours, Liege, 1525                 

Yesterday it was Lammas, a holiday that celebrates the first wheat-harvest, and the middle of the summer. It also heralds the coming of the autumn. The days are still warm, and bees are humming, but the rowan-berries are already turning red and the nights are lengthening.

In English-speaking countries it was in earlier times customary for people to bring to church a loaf of bread from the new crop to be blessed, and to ask for a bountiful harvest. Nowadays this holiday is celebrated by neo-pagans.

This summer I prepared several courses I teach in the coming season. I still have to prepare for some. To celebrate Lammas I pulled a card from the Arthurian Tarot (an earth-based tarot I love very much) with the question: "What do I need to look at right now for a bountiful harvest?"

The Grail Hermit is the card I pulled: 


The Grail Hermit lives in a wood where stillness is. His place is a place of inner peace (doves), and refreshment. There you can listen to your own inner voice. Thus, for me it is important in my preparation and study, to listen to what my inner voice says to me.

More information on Lammas is here: