August 4th, 2006


The Enchanted Horse...Rushing!

Quite unpractical: me posting now. I became aware of that when I saw the card I pulled(from the Fairytale Tarot). My question was: "Who am I right now?" 


In the fairytale that belongs to this card ther is a very unpractical prince with his head in the clouds. He mounts an enchanted mechanical horse, but does not know how to ride on it.

I am unpractital too. I must pack for my dauther who will be away for two nights, and I have to buy a present for one of the girls she is staying with, all in just an hour and a half.

I must hurry!

But it will be romantically (the Knight of Cups is a romantic). My husband and me will have dinner out tomorrow, and may be tonight we will watch the "Da Vinci Code".