August 12th, 2006



I always hate it when I asked a card for guidance and I actually think of that card when I am in the middle of the situation I asked guidance for.
Today I pulled a card for guidance for an interview on the local radio-station from Leeuwarden. I had to go to the studio, and I had never done that, I have only done it by telephone. Tomorrow I am a "summer-guest" in the Lutherian church in Leeuwarden. I will talk there about tarot and theology, a very nice invitation. 

The card I pulled was was "the extra card" from the Fairytale Tarot. There is no title or description of this card in the book, but it depicts a radiostudio quite apt, alas in my imagination; much noise of singing birds in a crowded, but pleasant place. 


I had to "show myself" in the interview, like the peacock shows his beautiful feathers. And yes, that was what I remembered when I sat there, that I had to show myself.  It went all right though, except my hmm and mmm's.