August 19th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Fairy of the Dawn

I pulled The Star today from the Fairytale Tarot, with the question: "Who am I today?" The story that goes along with the card is about a prince who goes out to fetch water from the spring of the Fairy of the Dawn in order to heal the weeping eye of his father.

Today I (and my husband) had a good night sleep since a week. One of the themes of The Star is 'recovery'. Just as the prince in the fairytale who helps to heal his father, this day helped me to recover from last week's sleepless nights, and the ongoing struggle to keep the ever aggressive Incredimail in check. (Yesterday at one time my husband did not receive any mail anymore in his Outlook-Express, and now there still is a little orange envelope for his Outlook, instead of the familiar blue icon from Outlook. But well, I adore the beautiful letters in this mail-program...)

I felt my feet touching the ground again while walking, tired but happy. 

Yesterday I pulled a card to help me focus on my course about Inner Child Cards in Mental Health Care. It picked ten of Crystals, a card of gifts. The book I studied that day appeared to be well written and really special; very much a gift.