August 21st, 2006

Our Lady of the Fruits

My Mother Visiting; Where is that Animal Quiz?

I must be quick and brief, my arms are sore. I thave typed (!) letters to remind students their course will begin soon. I used to do this by hand. I also looked for an animal-quizz on the net with beautiful photo's. I know I did this quiz, received an ugly animal, and clicked it away. I clicked a lot in my search with the mouse. I need it for an article I am writing, which will be published on the net (with this quiz, ohhhh I hope I will find it). 


Today my mother came visiting. We were our own relaxed self again (instead of our stressed selves, as at the birthday of my husband, on august 14). The card I pulled, The Empress, shows this. The card comes from the Tarot of 78 Doors, I used the deck, because I read with it for my mother, which was, by the way a lovely experience.

Those children on that card look like children like midgets. Strange.