September 6th, 2006


Stillness on an Early Autumn Morning

Today again a card to connect myself with the coming autumn.

Storms belong to the autumn, but to the early autumn morning-stillness: no wind, a bit of mist and dew on the cobwebs in the bushes, and the promise of warmth later in the day, belongs to the autumn as well.

To me this pictures me peace and harmony.

With all this in my mind I picked a card from the Tarot of the Secret Forest: "What does this stillness mean to me?" 


To my utter surprise I pulled Nine of Swords, a card of worry, sometimes about problems that are not as big as one thinks. In this version the card depicts a naked man, a scary insect hovering over him, while the man himself covers his ears. Nine of Swords is a call for inner peace. This man looks for inner peace by means of covering his ears. In this way he shuts out what happens in his surroundings; he shuts out the insect.

I was surprised, because I enjoy these early mornings, walking to the bus through the empty streets in my village. It does not feel if I shut something out.

So, what is the significance of this card for my experience of the morning-stillness of the early autumn? I had to think a while about this. I came to the conclusion that I experience the stillness in the early- autumn morning as a temporary phase in which the 'ugly world' (symbolized by the insect on the card) is shut out (symbolized by the covering of the ears). This morning-stillness is an illusion of some sort, something not real, because I know that it'll pass when the challenge and the busyness of the day begins.

How true this card is to me in the end for my experience of stillness in the morning. But how sad it is to view the world like this, and to shrink from a coming busy day.