September 16th, 2006


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The Queen of Swords usually has known hardship. The cat on this card, the Queen of Swords I have pulled, from the Baroque Bohemian Cats as well. She is old and battered, and a bit apprehensive toward the world. I am not old but I feel a tiny bit battered. I do not feel to well, but that is the result of a dinner-party last night. We had invited the volunteers that had helped to organize "Heerenveen Natuurlijk", an alternative-health-care fair. We had people helping us who did not themselves have any interest in organizing it. It was a great party. So, my feeling battered is 'after-party', not from a life full of hardship.

I have pulled this card with the question: "How can I enhance my day?"

I am fretting about the course about the Inner Child Cards I have planned to teach in January. It keeps slipping away, right now in the excitement and preparation of starting the Major Arcana course next week (I am very, very excited about it). It is always hard to prepare for courses while the season of teaching courses is on the way (awesome, I have some queen-of-swords-like experience).

It would enhance my day if I finish the preparations for my course next week, and try not to think about it for some time. Then my head will be clear en open for the thoughts on the Inner Child Card Course for some time .

It is the telescope of the little statute on the table that makes me think of doing that, and the sword of course. Get a view of what is involved, and choose what to do (the sword of the queen).