September 27th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

How the Cross Spider Got his Cross (part 2)

Yesterday I had unlimited access to the computer. Normally I write my entries in haste, with many anxious glances to the door, because work has to be done on this computer, sermons to be written and so on. But, limited access is proven not such a bad thing, because my arms hurt now. It was too much, I did not think about my posture any more. So, I must be brief in this entry.

In my last entry I told a story about how the cross spider has gotten his cross (entry of september 26), and I had planned to pull a card in this entry in order to answer the question: "How do I protect the child inside from harm?"

In fact, I picked cards for all the questions I mention there, but I tell about the one I had planned. To my surprise I pulled the Guide of Crystals (from the Inner Child Cards). 


The threat to my inner child is the fear not to be able to make ends meet. Thus, my inner child wants to feel secure on a very basic level. Then there will be money enough for all the presents in the bag of Santa Claus, for it wants to enjoy and play with all this pretty presents. So, I protect my little child inside, by buying it presents to play with.

I am surprised about the fear of poverty. It is perfectly understandable, but still new for me in the context of my inner child.