October 17th, 2006


The Three Bears

I have pulled a card with an image of the blessing of the day. I used my Inner Child Cards, because today I have sent away the last minute information about the courses that start in about two weeks. 


I received the Child of Hearts (the equivalent of Page of Cups). The little girl on the card looks into the inside of a house. The story behind the card is that of Three Bears (you can see them in the back of the card). In that tale a little girls goes into the house of the Three Bears, and she gets to see how the family of the Three Bears live. By doing that she can compare that to the life of herself and her family.

I taught two classes today (about The Moon) and in every class I came, as always, into contact with troubles and issues in the lives of my students. I have gotten the opportunity, so to say, to take a look in their homes, just as the girl on the card takes a look into the house of the Bears.

By taking that look, by hearing my students tell me and the others about their fears, hearing them tell how they work through their problems, and how they find solutions for them, gives me the opportunity to work on my own issues, because their lives and their problems reflect my own.

The meaning of the Child of Hearts is ‘exploring what lives on the inside’. That is just what I did today. I have explored what is on the inside, my conflicts, wishes and desires by looking into the lives of my students.

It is not always that I am aware of this process, but today I was, and I find it a blessing.