October 25th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Keeping my Balance

One thing to do, one thing to be for today... That is my question to the tarot for today.

I have pulled the Two of Pumpkins (the equivalent of Two of Pentacles). I used the Halloween Tarot since it soon will be Halloween. 


Since yesterday I am in Driebergen with my mother, who has broken a wrist in a fall and has a sore back (which worries her). Tomorrow we'll go from here to the celebration of the 75th birthday of my mother in law. I came here with my daughter who did not feel well. She became more ill during the night, was restless and warm. Aspirin helped and she is still asleep now, luckily.

The Two of Pumpkins recommends me to stay in my center today It shows me not to fall into extremes, blaming myself for instance that I came here while my daughter was ill (which I do), and from there on decide on rash actions..., which maybe are too extreme.

And another thing: it is a playful card. I should put some humor into it.