October 30th, 2006

Our Lady of the Fruits

Christ in the Whine-Press Revisited


For a second time around a few words about the picture of Christ in the whine-press; just for myself to remember my thoughts about it. It is fascinating, I will never be finished with the issue of the suffering and sacrifice of Christ. It is such a radical thing what he did and there is so much tradition, art and dogma developed around it.

What is interesting about this particular painting of Christ in the whine-press is that we have found it in a little chapel in the woods around Cochem, in Germany, near the river Mosel. In this area whine is made, there are many whine-farms. People there know the workings of a whine-press well. When people from this area see this painting they can easily identify with the suffering and sacrifice of Christ. They are aware that very nice whine is the result of the pressing of the grapes, thus they will know there will be a reward as an outcome of the process.

Christ in the Whine-Press and the Hanged Man
Now a tarot issue. It is interesting to compare this painting -and the concepts that lie behind it- with the Hanged Man, because they are very alike. The card of the Hanged Man revolves -just like Christ in the whine-press- around suffering and sacrifice for the greater good. Both presuppose dying and resurrection (next card in the tarot is Death, and Judgement follows later as well) . But, there is also a big difference between the two. What makes both pictures very different, is their usage. The suffering of Christ is an example, a way to be followed. Sometimes the Hanged Man is the way to go, but sometimes it is not. That depends on its position in a spread.

Suffering, Peace, Integrity
-  Although I do find the concept of sacrifice and suffering difficult (especially for women, see yesterdays entry) I do value it (oh dear, am I really writing this up, I cannot believe it, but yes I do). Suffering is very human, and it is not valued in our culture, while many people do suffer (coping with illness, handicaps, psychic ill family members, stalkers…. all a big things, and there are many, many more). If there is nothing more to do, at least you can identify with Christ. He suffered.
-  What I also value also is that Jesus was not vindictive towards the people who prosecuted him. He aimed at peace. That is a very important value in our world
-  In addition to this, Jesus was not for sale. He sacrificed himself for his ideals. I value his integrity.

Well, in my next entry on to my vampire-quality!

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Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

My Vampire-Like Quality


Tomorrow it is Halloween. I already have explored my quality as a witch and as a ghost, now I explore my quality as a vampire. For this I use the Gothic Tarot of Vampires.

I have pulled the Chariot from this deck, called the ‘Hunt’ in the world of vampires. Depicted is a woman who has beaten a man. The man is lying on the ground, and she shall bite him in a moment.

That woman is typical me, I am afraid. Sometimes, if I want something I have this feeling that I go over dead bodies. At those times I am so aimed and focused on my goal that I sacrifice the needs of others for that. Often I also sacrifice parts of myself if I really want something. For example, sometimes when I have pain I still go on doing with what I am doing, while it would be better to stop and rest. My quality as a vampire is the ability to go after what I want and making victims in that process.

Yes, I am a real vampire.