November 15th, 2006


Bread and Fish

Today I have pulled a card inspired by a story from the Gospel of Luke: “The Multiplication of Bread and Fish” (Luke 9:10-17). I have chosen this story because the picture of the stained window you see here, appeared on my Google Start-Page today. Somehow seeing this picture made me feel relieved. 


The story is as follows. Jesus performed miracles and he healed people. Of course people got to know about this. Many people came to him, they wanted to be near him, or they longed for being healed or they wanted to hear Jesus speak to them. At one time fivethousend people were gathered around himm. At the end of the day the disciples wanted to sent all these people away so they could find a place to sleep and so that they could find some food. The disciples only had five loafs of bread and two fish with them. Jesus did not want them to be sent away. Jesus then took the bread and the fish, blessed it and gave it to the disciples to set it before the crowd. There was enough for all of the fivethousend people.

My question now, to be answered with a tarot-card as a guide is: “What does this story, in which Jesus multiplies bread and fish and gives this to all the people, mean to me now?” 


I chose the New Palladini Tarot for my reading. Most of the cards in this deck have a black background; the atmosphere on the cards makes me feel lonely. I chose it because I thought: “Now there must come a happy card, because this multiplication of bread and fish is really wonderful!” Ohh… tricked myself here. Of course I did not receive a happy card. I pulled the Ten of Rods (Wands).

I thought: Does the multiplication of bread and fish mean more wands, more load on my shoulders?” But no, it is not that. It means that if someone else provides the bread I do not have to it. I am not responsible any more. It means that a burden is lifted from my shoulders.

It touched me becoming aware of this. It showed me that I take over responsibilities that are not mine, and feel responsible for many things while it it is not necessary to feel that way. I should not do that, it makes me feel sad and burdened.