November 17th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)



Today Hindu’s are celebrating Diwali, the Hindu New Year. Diwali is a festival of light. Light removes the darkness, in this festival people hope and expect that all darkness, all evil and obstacles will be overcome by light. This light is also the light we have inside, our inner flame, that must kept burning. Many, many candles are burned at least one in each room of the house, to remind everyone the importance of the light.

Tonight I have asked a question inspired by Diwali: “How can I refocus and rekindle my inner flame?” The answer of this question is inspired by a card drawn from the Pagan Tarot (I know, I know, should not confuse religions but I felt like using it.) I received Three of Wands. 


On this card we see a young woman sitting behind a computer, green stones are on an envelope on her desk with a dollar bill in it, and we see a newspaper in which an ad is encircled with a red marker. In the RWS version of the Three of Wands, a rich man looks over a river, he is well-to-do and hopes for more. She is well off as well (see the nice chair) and I think, hoping for more as well.

To be honest I do not like the version of Three of Wands of the Pagan Tarot that much. It is bare and grey, and the young woman does not smile.

It took me a while before I understood this card. But now I know. My classes are coming to an end, two lessons and that’s it, and one is already finished. All these groups are different, all have their own group-themes, their own way of relating, and their own jokes, and I like them all. It makes me sad that these classes shall stop. I do not want them to be over.

The Three of Wands card is about planning, expecting a rich future. Planning new courses, building on what went before, looking out for what will come, helps me to get over that sad feeling; it rekindles my inner flame. And yes, it is a “grey”, and “bare” period, sort of, as on the card, because the new classes have not started yet.