November 22nd, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


Since I have had a very busy day in which many things had to be done at the last moment, (something I do not particularly like), and since I felt a bit sad, the subject for my card for today is: “Today’s blessing”. 


I have pulled my card from the Animals Divine Tarot. The card I received was Knight of Wands, represented by Yji, an Aboriginal creation goddess. It is the second time I have pulled her since I write in my blog. The first time I have pulled this card it was a ‘touch stone card’, meant to keep me on track during the day. I remember having not much confidence that day in myself and in my path. Since Yhi is a creation goddess, I imagined that my footsteps left behind green growing things. That thought was meant to help me, but in fact it made me extra sad. It was a nice try though.

One of the many things I did today was writing a text for a flyer. Early in the day I showed a version to my husband and his reaction was: “Oh no, this is boring, stiff, dull, I am not going to follow this course, I am not made enthusiast at all.” I had rewritten an already existing text. So, I decided to throw that away and start from scrap. It is much better now. At least, my husband liked it, “Beautiful!” he said, and I feel content about it as well.

Since this text is for something new, my footsteps did leave green growing things behind today, and the subject of the course and the place I will teach it affirm my chosen path. This text for my new course is the blessing of the day.

I must say, I was not aware of this blessing before I pulled my card, I was just tired and tired, I felt down and weary.

This is one of the powers of tarot, it can get you to see things you were not aware of before, good things. That helps.