November 30th, 2006


A Reindeer and a Christmas Card

This evening I have asked for the 'blessing of the day' and I received the Page of Cups. I have used the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ tarot. 


On the card a cat stands a cat in front of a flowering pink cherry tree, looking at his cup or at the fish in the water (to catch it)? The book alongside the deck connects this card -among other meanings- to creativity, to the beginning of artistic projects, to the experiments cats’ do: exploring their surroundings all the time, and to lightheartedness.

All these things belonged to my day, and were a blessing.

Today I have tried to send a Christmas tree with music by mail, and looked for other nice winter-paper for sending mails on. There came mails from Aline, announced on my computer by Father Christmas and a reindeer. That was fun. She had mailed me Psalms with spreads she had typed. That was nice, and the start of a creative project.

I have also experimented with a USB-stick today. A worker from the copy-shop gave it to me a few weeks ago. She had two of them and did not need this one any more (I am not very much a computer person and in the copy shop they know that, often they learn me things. They are very nice people.) Today I tried to work with the stick, for I had to copy my Christmas-card in the copy shop. On my card is a painting, good wishes of course, and on the backside a tarot-spread; a bit complicated for me actually. Copying directly from the computer gives much better results, so I today I have put the stick in the computer. It then installed itself and its symbol appeared on “My Computer”. I was so glad it worked, and that after it had installed it, I even could get my file on it. I caught the fish the cat is staring at. The girl who gave me the stick in the copy-shop helped me with the lay-out. It is going to be a beautiful card.

That was my blessing of the day: the joy of starting creative projects. 

I am glad the Page of Cups is here again.