December 14th, 2006


Wednesday after Advent 2, Isaiah 16:2-6

This will be my last entry for a few days. I am off to Rotterdam with my daughter, who sings in the National Choir for Children. The choir has several concerts there with the Rotterdams’ Philharmonic Orchestra, singing Christmas themed film-music. We will be staying with my brother and later on with my mother, and it will all be very festive. 

Today I have read Isaiah 16:2-6, the bible text in the Roman Breviary. This passage gives a lively image of fugitives. They are like “wandering birds” and as a “scattered nest”. The reader or the listener, is challenged to hide the fleeing people: “Make your shade like the night in the midst of the noonday!” In this shade the fugitives can hide.
This text reminds me first of all of real fugitives, and especially the people who are already a long time in our country, and for whom is not decided if they could stay or not. For them is asked for a so called “general pardon”, so that they all can stay. Our government is right at this moment in crisis about this issue.
Reading this passage I asked myself also: “What do I want to hide?”
That is the question I have chosen to answer with the help of a tarot-card. I have pulled my card from the Tarot of a Moon Garden and I have received Ace of Pentacles.


The Ace of Pentacles made me wonder why I should hide that really shiny Pentacle. It is far to beautiful to hide it, isn’t it? I think, that is just the problem. This Pentacle shines too much. I am doing really well, and I am really happy, very shiny; too happy. It cannot be like this. Deep down -a card helped me see this- I am afraid that it will be taken away from me. The card I pulled for that was Seven of Swords.


The thief with the sack who is walking away to the left on this card is stealing my pentacle. This shows me that I am afraid that my doing well is nothing more than a charade, that everything will change the following week and my shiny Pentacle will have been taken away from me.

Painting: Honore Daumier, The Fugitives, c.1849-50, Musee du Petit Palais, Paris.