December 27th, 2006

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

The Twelve Days of Christmas, the First Day, Boxing Day

Yesterday was the first day of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Last year I have created spreads for each day. Yesterday there was no time to post the first one (and I do not know if I will be able to post all twelve). We travelled to the other side of the country yesterday, saw my family, made and ate a very nice cheese-fondue. 


The sun in this time of year is far away from us, back in the stark dark night. The sun sleeps as it were in the arms of Mother Night, and will by her nourishment grow stronger every day. There are many stories of divine children –sun children so to say- that are born around this time of the year: Dionysus and Jesus are two examples of them. They are very young, vulnerable children. They are a special kind of children, we lay our hopes on them, but many stories tell of them almost dying. Always they are protected and nourished and miraculously saved. 


The spread of the first day of the twelve is called: “To Nourish What is Vulnerable”. Issues and longings that are vulnerable in our lives -and in ourselves- are things that we long for, that will help us grow and heal, but those things do not get attention from us. They are neglected. They cannot speak up for themselves in their vulnerability… thus we must become aware of them, in order to comfort, protect, nurture and nourish them. This is what the spread is about.

Spread: To Nourish What is Vulnerable
There are five positions in the spread:
1.Who you are now in your situation;
2.What is young and vulnerable in your life or in yourself ;
3.How to nourish and protect this;
4.What happens if what is vulnerable (card 2) is nourished and protected;
5.Who you are then in your situation.
I read one card here, the second one: “What is young and vulnerable in my life or in myself”. I have pulled my card from the Inner Child Cards and I have drawn: “Guide of Crystals” (Queen of Pentacles in the RWS). It is Santa Claus! A person whose reason for existence is giving, giving presents.


I guess what is young and vulnerable in myself -what needs protection- is the knowledge that I am a caring and giving person. I have been putting myself down these last days regarding these issues, thinking I am doing it all wrong in that department of my life.
This undertaking of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” in spreads is inspired by John Matthews, The Winter Solstice, Godsfield Press, 2003 (1998).     

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Second Day, St.John


The second day of the Twelve Days of Christmas is dedicated to St John, the evangelist. To John the notion of light is important, the trust that darkness will never totally conquer the light. Right now, when the days are short and the nights are long, we are forced to make our own light and share it with others, conquering the darkness. The spread of this day, the “Light - Spread” is meant to make us aware of the special unique light and quality that is in each of us, and that we give to others. 


Light - spread
The spread consist of three cards.

1.My unique quality. Interpret this card always in a positive way.
2.How this quality feels to me. Be aware of the fact that sometimes one most unique and special quality can feel as a burden but of course it does not have to be like that
3.What I give of this quality to others.

I have pulled the first card to journal with in this post, and I have received “The Midas Touch” from the Inner Child Cards (Justice in the RWS, at least in Waite’s version). To the king on this card a wish is granted. Everything that he touches changes into gold. To his deep shock and regret he has also turned his daughter into gold. He then must dive into a deep pool to get a special vase, and fill it from the pool in order to water the golden things. After that they will return to their normal state. By diving in the water and getting the vase the king comes into contact with his feminine, receptive side (an important theme throughout this deck). The moving water helps to heal what is stuck. 


For me it is a lesson not to focus like the king on the gold, staring me blind on the dissertation I could not do, but coming unto terms with chronic limitations. Also it is a task not to focus on wanting to do things perfect. That is my special light and quality, learning again and again, not to do these things. I must be flexible in life, making contact with my feminine, receptive, flexible side. It is my special quality, my task in life. I do find that hard. I’d rather be successful.

This undertaking of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”  in spreads is inspired by John Matthews, The Winter Solstice, Godsfield Press, 2003 (1998).