January 4th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

The Twelve Days of Christmas, Ninth Day, Evergreen Day

I have looked forward very much to do this one-card spread, and although it is already late in the evening, and my husband is complaining lately that “he did not imagine marriage would to be like this, I did do it tonight. 


This little spread belongs to The Twelve Days of Christmas, to Evergreen Day. During the holidays much evergreen is used, pine and holly for instance. These trees show us that however everything is bare outside and seemingly dead, there still is life going on.

The spread belonging to this day consists of one card that shows us our evergreen quality, the quality we can always count on, even in very difficult circumstances.

I have used the Voyager Tarot for my card, and I have pulled Ten of Wands, called Growth. This card was lying next to my computer for a few days, and I had just put the card back in the deck, not for a moment thinking that I could draw it as a response to this question. 

At the centre of the card is an blossoming rose; an old hand and a young one are reaching for it. I like the rose, it is soft and easy. It does what its good at: at being a rose. On the side are Redwood trees, the tallest trees on earth. It is the reaching of the hands, and the tall trees that I shrink back from; especially the trees, they seem to grow so fast. This shows my angst for growth. It takes courage to grow, to change, in the sense of daring more or taking risks.

But, of course, it is a great evergreen-quality to have. It means that I am able to change and to adopt to difficult circumstances, while keeping my centre (the rose). Even more: difficult circumstances are an opportunity for me to become myself more (like the rose).

I can hardly believe I just wrote those last sentences down. To be honest, I do not like difficult circumstances, there has been growth in my life due to that, but it did not came easily to me, that is for sure.