January 11th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

A Day at the Copy Shop

Sometimes a day seems to add up to nothing. Nothing done; nothing accomplished. I spend all day in the copy-shop. Well not all day, I was in there three times, struggling with a flyer for Tarot and Dreams with the Fool on it from the Karma Tarot. No, I was in there four times! I left a sheet in a copy-machine, and went back for that. It was somewhat embarrassing. When I came at the counter to pay at the end of the day, the lady asked me if, in the end, the machine did what I wanted it to do. “Just always keep trying”, she said “at the end it always works”. Very nice of her to blame the machine.

I wondered what the tarot would say about my day. Therefore I have pulled a card from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot to sum up my day. I received Three of Swords, the card of heartbreak in the tarot. On this version a woman, a peacock, kisses a man who is not hers. Her husband is on the scene as well, looking from behind a tree, disappointed. 


I had wanted to do many things today, and I was disappointed that I could not do any of it; I was tired. But on a deeper level this card rings true as well. I am struggling which my choices and the directions I took, looking back what to I have done and not have done, what I could have done, and could not have done, being disappointed and ‘heartbroken’; feeling old sores again.

I have pulled a ‘three’ today. All threes in the tarot belong to the lush and life giving Empress, even this card, with heartbreak as one of its themes. Heartbreak must be felt, in order to be able to move on, and to create something new. So in the end the spite and sorrow I feel add up and will be life giving.