January 13th, 2007

many hands

The Fool - My Foolishness

Yesterday I have pulled a card in preparation for a mini-workshop about the Fool I had to teach today in La Verna. I drew it with the question how I to get into contact with my foolishness. Inspired by Aline, who is scanning in cards for my lessons and draws of each deck she uses for a scan a card, I used the Daughters of the Moon Tarot. It was one of the decks I wanted to take with me for the workshop. I pulled to my surprise Three of Blades (the equivalent of Three of Swords from the RWS, but with a different meaning). The card is called: “Focus”. 


On the card are three woman depicted who are focussing their energy outwards. It appears as a star above their heads. The woman are naked and their hands are open which makes them integer, themselves and vulnerable.

Focussing is not something I associate with the Fool, so I was very surprised that I had drawn this card aimed at concentrating.

I see the focussing on this card as concentrating, but also as connecting or producing divine energy. Naming this divine energy reminded me that the Fool is indeed a card of divine energy, (how awkward, naïve and lonely the Fool seems sometimes). This divine energy, seen as a star on the Three of Blades, is an energy that is almost too high and pure for me, an energy that is not of this world, but from above.

Being vulnerable, naked, open handed and focussing divine energy that is almost too pure for me, I can come into contact with my foolishness.