January 20th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Finding Meaning in Life (Imbolc)

It was a “Nine of Swords Night” again. But lying awake I decided to add something about the card I have pulled yesterday with the question what had drawn me to the tarot. I asked this question in preparation of Imbolc, a festival that announces the spring, right at the start of February. The primary goddess of Imbolc is Bridget, and she is a goddess of divination. 


I had pulled Eight of Discs from the Motherpeace Tarot, and I have interpreted it as wanting to learn something new, getting away from the dissertation I could not work on anymore because I had typed too much. That is one reason that drew me to the tarot, but at a certain moment, somewhat later in time, there was an extra issues that led me to the tarot. I had a another physical complaint. I began to hear ‘ringing’ in my ear, and I had to distract myself from that. That is the only thing that helps you to get used to it. So I really needed it to immerse myself into something. Enjoying the pretty pictures of the cards, learning the skill of reading, and daring to come forward with it, helped me to cope with the strange sounds in my ears. 

One of the interpretations of the Eight of Discs is finding new meaning in life, or a deeper meaning. The Motherpeace book calls this “the Path”, “a movement of the personality onto the more spiritual road of the soul.” I call it: doing that what nourishes the soul. I feel that the tarot has given that to me, through the years.

Funny is that it were in fact the physical complaints -RSI and ear-ringing- that brought me to the tarot, but it does nourish my soul.