January 22nd, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)


Today I feel like a mix between Nine and Ten of Wands: burdened, bandaged and anxious. It is coming down with sinusitis combined with a busy scheme that makes me feel like this. Oh yes, and not to forget… laying awake at night does not help. That gives me some sparks of the Nine of Swords as well, in addition to the other two cards.

The day before yesterday in a train I read a Christian book about retreats and days of reflection. In it was a meditative text about challenges. It asked: “Which shoes would God want you to wear for the challenge you are confronted with?” Next to it were several sorts of shoes listed: ballet shoes, slippers, boots with steel toes, flippers, high-heeled evening shoes, sport shoes with sprigs, Wellington boots, sandals and baby shoes. I laughed out loud when I read this, getting funny stares of fellow-passengers. The sheer flatness and banality of it!

Still, it makes a wonderful theme for a spread, because shoes carry meaning in the tarot through their form, colour (sometimes each shoe a different colour), or even by the lack of shoes. Combined with how the person on the card has is feet on the ground, it could make an insightful one-card spread. Thus, my question to the tarot today was: “What sort of shoes do I need for my challenge?” My challenge then is a busy scheme combined with a sinus infection. 


To my surprise my card was: Ten of Wands (just the card I wanted to get rid of). The booties the man wears on this card are white (at least they are in my version of the card, not in all). White is the colour of pureness, meaning that I must try to seek out (or do first) the things that I find of value and pure. Furthermore, the booties are made of supple leather, so I must try to work and do my things with suppleness, and if that is not possible for me to do that, I need to let them rest for a while. Another interesting thing is that the sole of one bootie is black, the colour of not-knowing. To me this means I need to be aware that I make mistakes (I even walk on them!), and I need to be aware that I am not all-knowing, not feeling guilty about that all the time. Further, there is a certain lightness in the shoes, the one behind has a decorative hole. That says that I really need some air and fun so now and then. Lastly, the shoes have laces. Laces can go loose, which makes you fall down. Thus, I must be on my guard for my safety.

The feet of the man show that he is carried forward by something heavy. The one behind is resting heavily on the ground. So, my burdened feeling will not pass, but I possibly I can look at it differently and just let myself be carried through the days by the things I need to do.