January 23rd, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Letting Seeds Rest in the Earth (Imbolc)

In less then two weeks it is Imbolc, the festival that welcomes Spring, although it is still winter outside. 


Today I have asked the tarot a question from a theme of Imbolc, it is about growth. In winter and in the beginning of Spring the seeds are in the ground, and they will grow, but not yet. No one touches them, they are resting, and sometimes the sun shines on the earth giving warmth to the seeds. And sometimes the rain comes down, making the seeds wet. All this happens in order for the seeds to grow into seedlings, when it is Spring. This process takes a lot of time. Right now they are resting peacefully in the ground, giving themselves over to whatever happens to them, rain or sun.

My question today is inspired by the seeds in the ground: “What needs to rest in my life, in order for it to grow?”

I’ve picked my card from the Motherpeace Tarot and I received the Magician. 


The Magician is a very powerful figure, well not in all of the tarot tradition, but in the Motherpeace she is. Here it is a Shaman who works with animal energy and fire to accomplish her goal. She mediates between our world and the spirit-world.

The Magician is someone who takes new initiatives and starts up new projects. I should not do that. I must not start anything up. In order for my new projects to grow, I should leave them in peace.

I think the card is telling me as well that I need some rest myself, since I have a sinus infection. If I take some rest, let the sun shine on me, new energy will come (ah well, no rain please it makes sinuses bad). Then, hopefully, I will have the energy of the Magician, reaching into heaven to bring it down on earth.