January 29th, 2007


Door-Spread and Meditation for Imbolc

Imbolc could be called a ‘door-festival.’ It is due half-way between the Winter-Solstice and the official beginning of Spring. It turns its face towards Spring, and in that way this festival opens the door and invites this season in. 


What follows is a spread and a tarot-meditation for Imbolc. The intention of it is to open the door to Spring, open the door to what you long for in that season, so that Spring is able to come in, and also what you long for. Thus, the subject of spread and meditation is your wish for the next season.

The spread and the meditation aims to set the stage for what you long for to happen. It is meant to put you in a positive mind set. That makes the good things easier to welcome when they indeed stand on your doorstep.

First the spread. 
The first card is meant to make you reflect on where you are now in your life and what has happened let’s say, since Christmas or the Winter Solstice.
After that you direct your intention on what you long for in Spring, what your heart yearns for. For this longing you pick a second card. Look closely at it. If you do not feel comfortable with the card, think hard why you have received this card, but pick a new one. All is meant to put you in a positive mind set.

Now the visualisation. 
When you have your two cards interpreted, then close your eyes and visualize your first card. Make it bigger and bigger, so you are able to stand in it. Visualize yourself standing in the card. Experience how it is there. That is where you come from and where you are now. In the next step you step out of the card, you visualize a door and you close this door to the card. This card is past you now. You are standing now in a hallway and your see another door at the end of it. It looks intriguing and you go towards it. You open the door, and what do you see… yes, you see what you long for, your second card. Step in this card and explore and enjoy what you long for, the lovely smells, the sounds, maybe people, animals and events. When you are ready, when you have savoured enough positive energy you step out of the card again and you make the card smaller, until it is just a card.

I have picked my cards for the spread from the Motherpeace Tarot.
The first card, which represents where I am now and from where I come, was the Hierophant. The Hierophant is a teacher. The card shows me teaching. I love it, but it has been too much this year (and the last half of past year as well). It was too much for me, but also for my family, especially for my daughter (three nights a week in a row a baby-sitter). 


The second card represents what I long for. I have pulled the Ten of Cups for my wish, a card of fulfilment. 


The people on that card lift their hands up in the air, as in thankful prayer, connected to heaven. It shows me being grateful for what I have received of love, blessings and taught-courses. The teaching-season is over then. 

The tens are cards of ending, but also of new beginninings. I am thanking then as the people on the card, but I am (hopefully) receiving as well at that moment, namely inspiration, because then I will be preparing for the new, next teaching-season (not too much classes, but still some). And of course I will walk in the sunshine then.