February 2nd, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Rededication Spread for Imbolc

Today it is Imbolc, the Catholic Candle mass. At this time of year many dedications or initiation rituals take place, as well in the Catholic Church as in the Wiccan tradition. Right now the earth is dark, it does not show life, so it is a question of trust if growth will begin again. Therefore it is a right time for initiations and dedications. In many religious traditions participants renew their dedication or their faith once a year. This spread is meant as a means to rededicate yourself to your spiritual source, whatever this source maybe, God, Goddess, the Divine or Spirit.

Spread of Rededication 
The spread consist of seven cards, which are laid out in a circle. The last card is meant as a rededication and is pulled and read after the first six card are interpreted. It belongs in the middle.

These are the positions:
1. An image of the relationship between you and the source of your life (God. Goddes, Spirit, etc.) at this moment;
2. How you feel nurtured by your source.
3. How you feel connected with companions who walk (more or less) the same (religious) road as you (does not have to be like this, you can walk alone and be content with that).
4. How your religion gives you strength, power (in the sense of self-esteem and self-worth); 
5. What you actually do on your path (pray, devotions, rituals, good deeds, meditate, care for the weak, work for the environment etc.).  
6. An image that shows your gratefulness: for your life, for the bread on the table and for the bird that sings.

7. After you have read all the six cards and thought about them, the difficulties your are having on your religious road and the blessings, you can draw the last card, This card shows again an image of the relation of you and your spiritual source. This seventh card belongs in the middle and shows your rededication to your spiritual source.

I read one card here, the first one, which gives an image of the relationship between me and my religious source. It is the Son of Wands from the Motherpeace Tarot, a card that I have drawn earlier. I saw this card then as my greatest gift of Imbolc this year. I don’t pull the seventh card today -the rededication card- since I am very much in the energy of this first one. It would be hasty. 


I’ve pulled my card reversed, which means the energy of the card is hold back. We see a entertainer on this card, someone, a boy or a man, who enjoys life and shows that. I see this figure as autonomous, fiery and expressive. Since I have pulled the card reversed, the relationship between me and my source of life is stifled. Mmm, probably right.