February 10th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Water Lily

I have stretched the limits today. I started off writing a spread by hand, and I loved it. My daughter was with me. She made a Valentine card. All very, very nice. But after that I am afraid that I have typed too much. Arms, hands, shoulders and neck hurt.

It is difficult to set boundaries. I need the Emperor for that, I mean the emperor in me. I was working on a lesson about the Empress today, a lesson for which Aline already typed the material and scanned cards for and made the lay-out. It looks lovely. I thought up some more spreads for the Empress, that is the work I did today, since Tuesday in fact… I also tried out Google Docs with Aline, something like Word, but on the internet (which is great but not big enough for our documents).

I picked my card with the question “Who am I today?” I have pulled the Ace of Cups from the Tarot of the Secret Forest as an answer to that question. It is the second time I have pulled it this week. 


It is a soft, beautiful card to which I can relate to it on an inner level. It has nothing to do with the boundaries. Ah well, of course it must have, but I cannot see that, blind as I am.