March 6th, 2007


Monday, Second Week of Lent, John 4:27-42, White Fields

Lent is a period of reflection. During this Lent I read a passage from Scripture each day, and I pull a card about a theme in the text. I also fast, I do not eat sweets, but I do drink wine. That is not really as it should be, but well, it is seldom I drink it.

Today I have read John 4:27-42. In this passage Jesus talks about his work. Sent by his father he wants to finish the work that he gave Jesus to do. Then he looks at the fields and says: “Don’t you say, ‘There are yet four months until the harvest?’ Behold, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and look at the fields, that they are white for harvest already.” Thus, according to Jesus the fields are ripe for harvest while it is not yet the time of the harvest.

This is an enigmatic passage, a mystical piece. The white fields are an image of the Kingdom of God, that is spread all over the world. Is it to been seen? No, it cannot because it is not the time of the harvest yet, the fields are not white at all. Or am I blind for it? Or is Jesus as the Emperor without clothes? Is it here? Or is it not here? Jesus words make me think of a passage in the Gospel of Thomas (a Gnostic gospel, not chosen as a Bible book, but close to John in its spirituality). In this passage a woman carries meal in a pot, and the pot bursts, and when she comes home all the meal has streamed out of the pot, it is spread over the road and the pot is empty. Is it sad that the pot is broken, or does it show that the kingdom of God is spread out over the world, thus everywhere? Another enigmatic passage tells about people gathered around the well, while the well stays empty during the time they are there. Is it in the emptiness that the Kingdom of God is to be seen, that what is promised in such riches: grapes and fruit, alike the gardens of the King and Queen of Pentacles?

Questions to ask the tarot could be: Where is the Kingdom of God to be found? How can I see the Kingdom of God? For what am I blind, that I do not see the Kingdom? 

I choose the last question to work with: “For what am I blind that I do not see the Kingdom?” I have used the Tarot of Jane Austen to answer my question, made by  chelsearoad.

Immediately after I had pulled the card I regretted my question, because, is it not the issue that the Kingdom is not to be seen? You cannot lay your finger on it. My question wants a clarity which can not be find and if it could be find the mystery would be lost.

The card that I have drawn is the Moon. The Moon is about mystery, about what cannot be seen, but can be sensed by instinct, maybe, hopefully. 


One of the meanings of the Moon is illusion. Depicted on the card is Emma, from the book Emma. I did not read the book, but Diane Wilkes says that Emma initially believed in her intuitive powers, but is proven wrong about almost everyone throughout the novel. Here is me now, asking for clarity... shall not get it, with the Moon .

The Moon is also about feeling, feeling deep feelings. I just cannot get into that feeling for the Kingdom of God, spread out over the world. My eyes keep going over the fields till they are red and burning, but where is it then? I am blind for the whole thing. That is what I am blind for.

I think I love the emptiness most of all that I have written down about the Kingdom. That I do not have to strain my eyes so much to see it. That I can trust that is there. 

Oh, now I have found it, I am (or was) blind for ‘trust’. The Kingdom is there, but not to be seen. Trust is needed to know it is there, sensing by instinct, a characteristic of the Moon.