March 19th, 2007

bruiloft te Kana

Monday, Fourth Week of Lent, John 6:1-15, Feeding Five Thousand


In the story from John that I have read (John:1-15) today Jesus feeds five thousand men with a little bread and fish, a miracle. It happened like this. Jesus was at the lake of Tiberias went to a mountain nearby to teach. Many people, who had seen him heal the sick, followed him there. Jesus and the disciples had no food to feed all these people. There was a boy in the crowd who had with five little loaves of bread and two fishes. Jesus blessed the bread and the fish, gave thanks to God, and passed the bread and the fish to the people till everyone had plenty to eat. The people who were with him saw this as a sign that Jesus was the prophet they had been expecting. But there were also people who wanted to arrest him. Because of that Jesus went to the mountains, all on his own.
I love this story. In my imagination I see green peaceful hills, although the story ends again with threats.
The story is about a lack that can not be fulfilled in a normal way, needing some sort of miracle. My question of today is: Of what do have not enough (what do I lack) that can not be fulfilled (or is extremely difficult to fulfil)?
I have pulled Whishing Upon a Star from the Inner Child Cards. 


Oh… I did not like having pulled this card and I wished I had asked another question. Could not turn back though, as if I did not ask the question or had not pulled the card. It had happened. And it is true, at least for now. Hope is what do not have enough.
A few days ago I’ve pulled the Hanged Man, in the ‘Tarot Mission Statement Spread,’ as my intention with reading tarot, meaning among other things ‘acceptance.’ That said the same thing, there is not much hope in that.