April 26th, 2007


First -and Changed- Step on the Road

I thought long and hard and I changed the content of the bible-and-tarot-course-related-to-Psalm-119. I had tied myself very tight to the psalm and also to the Hebrew letter. But the result was not inviting. This was the spread before the change:

The lesson of the Alef in Psalm 119:1-8

1.My desire to keep Gods statues, seeking Him (be aware: can be ‘positive’ and ‘negative’)
2.The unconscious desire/conflict behind this (card 1)
3.Obstacle in keeping Gods statues, seeking Him
4.Help in keeping Gods statues, seeking Him
5.How does keeping Gods statues and seeking him, bless me?


In the spread as it is now I wandered away a bit from the exact meaning of the psalm and focused on the idea that each stanza of the psalm shows different initiations in a religious tradition, or in a broader sense, situations that happen to you walking on a spiritual road, or stations you come to when you are on your spiritual path. The stations or situations correlate (of course) with the Major Arcana Cards. Many people in my class will be on such a path already, but the spreads can help to rededicate.

Further I have changed ‘God’ in the ‘Eternal One’ and added the ‘Divine’ to encompass more than one religious tradition or view of life.

This is the spread as it is changed now:

Getting started on the spiritual path, the Magician

1.My will to walk a spiritual path in order to connect myself with the Eternal One, or the Divine. This can be either be a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ card. Feel for yourself.
2.What the grounds are of my will (situation, feeling of lack, hidden drive, desire).
3.What blocks myself from walking a spiritual road and connecting with the Eternal one or the Divine (this block might stem from the past).
4.My main instrument to walk my spiritual road to connect myself with the Eternal One or the Divine.
5.How connecting with the Eternal One or the Divine will bless me.


For card 1, my will to walk a spiritual path, I received Judgement, from the Motherpeace Tarot. I want to heal, transform and liberate myself. 


For card 2, what grounds my will, I have received the Empress, tilted firmly to the left. My will is grounded in my desire to be nourished and my need for relaxation. 


For card 3, what blocks me on my path in the connection with the divine, I pulled the nine of Wands. I am wounded, burn-out and lack energy (hence the need of nourishment). I won’t do it now, but it might be worthwhile to look into the issues this card adresses. 


My most important instrument in walking my spiritual path and connecting with the Divine, card 4, is the Wheel of Fortune. On the Wheel in this deck one needs to look which sign is rising (on the horizon on the left). For me that was Cancer. This sign is seen by Noble and pictured as the nourisher, giver of life and love. The statue touches her milk-giving breasts. So, connecting with what nourishes me and connect with my feelings is my most important instrument to connect with the Divine. 


For card 5, how connecting with the Divine will bless me, I have picked two of Cups. I will connect with myself, or with the divine, or with my shadowy dark feelings. It will give me a sense of connectedness, a feeling of belonging. Although it is a Cup, and thus a water card, I do connect with someone/thing heavier than me, that keeps me from drifting, giving me a sense of worth.

All in all the need for nourishment and connecting to my feelings and worth are important key words in my will to start my spiritual path. 


All in all the need for nourishment and connecting to my feelings and worth are important key words in my will to start my spiritual path.