April 29th, 2007

God met duif

Blessing of the Day

Sunday morning, the sounds in my ears are the same as yesterday and still annoying, but the day is different, not as bad as yesterday. Despite the day is still young, I’ve pulled a “blessing of the day”. I have picked it from the Golden tarot of the Tsar, hoping for a really nice biblical figure.

I received the Ace of Wands; a card signifying new energy, growth and a sparkle of creativity. 


The card is called “The Eternal Father” (little white booklet). This title disappointed me slightly, because the image of the Eternal Father is well worn-out. Pictured is a friendly, open-armed old man clothed in the red of his suit, who is sitting on a wide wooden, throne above the clouds. It breathes stability, but not too heavy, the fiery nature of the Wands is keeping it it light-natured.

What is my blessing of the day? I am blessed with new energy by the Ace of Wands. And, however much the image of the Eternal Father is worn out, it gives me a blessing in addition to the one I received from the Ace of Wands. The Eternal Father blesses me today with a warm, inviting, friendly kind of stability.