April 30th, 2007

dancing around a tree by anandi

Queens Day


It is Queens Day here in Holland. We celebrate on this day the birthday of our queen. Tradition is that we empty our attics, and sell it on the street for a few cents. So, at eight this morning we left for the centre of town, our bikes loaded with children-books, toys, a parasol and a little baby swimming pool. We obtained a place next to a wagon where chips where sold and a lingerie-stall (not really attic-stuff) and their dog called Eros. It is funny, it is always like that, there immediately develops a bond between neighbours on these days, today between the lingerie-stall and us. They helped us out with tape for the music-sheets of our daughter who played key-board with her friend.

It was difficult to depart from some of the stuff we wanted to sell. A beautiful children book about the moon that comes down for example was something that I was attached very much. Very odd, but all those things went to people I knew! The book about the moon is bought to a neighbour who lives on the opposite side of the street. We did good business, sold many children-books, the two pregnancy books, the parasol, and even the little baby swimming-pool, after my husband had filled it with air. A young man bought it. I thought it was to a happy young father, but on the way home we saw the little pool again. A note was sticked on it saying: “Poor Beggar”, and it was filled with money. The proud owner was sitting next to it, drinking a beer with his friends.