May 2nd, 2007

dancing around a tree by anandi

The Door (Psalm 119)

The weather is fine, and it is vacation here, so we made a walk today in the woods and ate pancakes. In addition to that I finished the Emperor for my Psalm 119 course. With each card finished for this course I think: “I did it!” Combining and a Hebrew letter and a card and the stanza of the Psalm is quite something. 

It would be too much too tell how the three (letter, card, stanza) relate, but they do. Here comes the spread that belongs to the Emperor as a station on a spritiual path. I hope it makes any sense without explanation. I put my own cards in between the positions. Again I used the Motherpeace Tarot. I will be brief. My wrists hurt.

The Door 


Card 1: The Closed Door

My deepest desire on my spiritual path that cannot be fulfilled at the moment. 


My card here was four of Wands. My deepest desire is being carefree, having an uncomplicated contact with the Divine, warming myself to the fire of the Goddess in the middle, and having established something.

Card 2: Opening the Door
What I should do, or should not do, to open the door; to fulfill my deepest desire (from card 1).


This had to be something that is hard to overcome, otherwise the deepest desire was easy to fulfill, which it never is. The card that I pulled was Five of Pentacles, the worry-card in the deck. I am worrying, that prohibits enjoying myself and warming myself to the fire.

Card 3: A Way to Experience the Lack (the Closed Door) Differently
This card shows how to live with the unfulfilled desire in a positive way, and it can also show a path to go. 


Here I have pulled Death, showing me that it would be good to shed skin, to enter a process of transforming. I think I am into this process (a tiny little bit) by having developed exercises for this course that are nourishing for me on my spititual path instead of demanding (except this one).