May 11th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Workshop Tomorrow

I ran a fever last night. Could not sleep, and did not dare to take an aspirin, because I use homeopathic remedies. I did look it up on the net in the middle of the night to see if it was permitted. It was, if you were in much pain. It was fever, I did have pain, but well not that much. Called the homeopath this morning. She said that this fever was no side-effect. I have been given something new, and I can take an aspirin when I cannot sleep.

Happily she did not say that I should not give my workshop “Reading Psalms with Tarot” tomorrow. She wanted me to feel better already today.

My question today was “How can I best be with the participants tomorrow?”

I have pulled Two of Swords from the Inner Child Cards. 


I must be brief. The last time I pulled this card, it showed me how I felt, and I understood it immediately. I was fighting back then. I cannot believe it says to me that I must fight tomorrow, in order to be with them (there actually a nice bunch of people). I think the card is telling me that I must stop fighting, stop seeing the group as an adversary. The card shows me that I do that, and that I must not.

And if this is not the right interpretation, and adversities come up, than I should see the ‘other side’ of the argument and all the arguments in the wholeness of the big sun (oh darn, I hope this is not sounding too pious or new-age), I mean, not being afraid for arguments. Take them lightly though.

Back to bed now.