May 15th, 2007

dancing around a tree by anandi


I am still sick, ah well, I was able to pull a card though. Today I’ve drawn a card to the second position of a spread to get to know a new deck. The deck I want to know is the Victorian Romantic Tarot. The question is: “What the deck brings to this partnership (between me and the deck); its special attributes.”

The Fool came up. 


The card shows a clown, holding a flag or something. She is actually leading a horse with it, while doing all sorts of acrobatic tricks. That is not on the card, but in the picture from which this card is made which is printed in the book. An little dressed monkey functions as the barking dog on the Fool from the RWS card. The sun from that card is also to be seen, down on the left on the back of another artist who is looking at the clown.

For me clowns with their painted faces are for ever bound up with unconventionality. When I was young I was a volunteer in Geneva in Switzerland, at Chateau de Bossey, an institute of the World Council of Churches. Students of theology from all over the world came to study there, to learn from each other, and from the program. One of the students was Margie Brown. She was a clown, a religious clown. She taught us how to spew fire, juggle scarves and how to paint clown-faces. At one time we painted our faces and we went to the centre of Geneva, where we did some clowning and got arrested for that. We were put in a police-cell; the women in one cell and the men in another. The charge was that it was not allowed to go about with a painted face. We found that discrimination. You were not allowed to look different. But oh boy, we were not backed up in our argumentation by the institute. They were very angry that we did it; it would give the institute a bad name in Geneva. The incident helped me very much to loosen up, I felt more at home at the institution after this event.

I take it that the deck will be unconventional in our relationship. It will bring a certain freedom, fun, it will bring me some 'loosening up', playfulness, and may be some foolishness…