May 20th, 2007

dancing around a tree by anandi

Again on Stage!

Well, it appeared that my husband coen_wessel  had more thoughts about the Two of Cups card he had interpreted the day before yesterday which he had not uttered. He had in his mind that I was thinking that the couple was us. (It had not crossed my mind.) 


The man on the card looked unreliable to him, and if he would have said so, and I had in my mind the couple was us, than the he was that man. I would have thought then, that he was unreliable. So he thought, “I won’t say that. I say something in general.” Funny!

I have pulled the card for the sixth position of the spread which I use to get to get acquainted to the Victorian Romantic Tarot. The question is: “a relevant facet of you personality”. I have drawn the Four of Wands. Pictured on that card are women on stage, singing and beating on a huge drum. People in the audience are enjoying the performance, I can see someone laughing. 


Some of the cards of this deck I remember seeing for the first time on baba_studio, this is one of them. Sometimes details on them remember me of last summer, when these cards were posted. The blue butterflies in the hair of the woman on the Two of Cups remind me of the “dragonfly-pins”, that she was very excited of and posted photos from, wondering if people would like them to use and wear; a sort of Victorian piece of jewellery. That again brought back our holiday of last summer, because at the time of these posts we were on holiday.

Back to the Four of Wands card. I see me on that stage, beating a drum, making a lot of fun. That is me before a group I work with. I love that, the sparkling of energy that goes round, the laughter, the great contributions everyone has, and the profoundness sometimes. I love the rhythm of it, so to say.

Karen Mahony interprets this card as feeling free and ‘non-conformity’: freedom to do something which does not belong to the normal routine of our lives; try to do something experimental, and not solid.

It is the third card staged in a theatrical context that I received in this spread, The Fool and the King of Wands were the first two. The Fool is a relevant card here. 


The Fool was the card that I pulled for my special attributes, for what I bring to the relationship. In the interpretation of that card I told the story of clowning on the streets of Geneva and getting arrested for that. Doing that was really stepping out, being non-conformist. The spirit of this comes back here.

Summing up. The card I have pulled was the Four of Wands. I pulled it for a relevant facet of my personality in working with the deck. A relevant facet of my personality in working with this deck will be me enjy being on stage, having fun. Also my non-conformist side, my breaking-free-side (which is related to having fun) is important in reading with the deck.

I hope this all makes sense. I am still feeling not all too well. Kinda lightheaded (and coughing).