May 26th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Three card drawing by Lauren

This is the three-card-drawing by my daughter Lauren, ten years old. She was inspired by a three-card-drawing that I had made today about a dream.      


 She had pulled King of Pentacles (1) Queen of Cups (2) Ace of Pentacles (3) for her picture.  


Lauren made the drawing on coming back from four days of school camping with her group. They had been on an island in the sun. The drawing shows something of the light of the sun, sea and sand. The Queen of Cups is giving a present to the King of Pentacles on the drawing, she said. She also said that the Queen of Cups looked full of hate at her cup on the card, and she saw the King of Pentacles as a dictator on his card. The school camp has been a very important experience for her.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Three Card Drawing About a Three Legged Stool

Yesterday I have posted the Three-Card-Drawing drawn by my daughter (an exercise from Mary Greer); today I post mine, because I promised it to her. It does differ from the original exercise in that that I included an image of a dream. Last year I did it with one card and a dream-fragment, now I used three cards for it. 


The drawing is about a dream I had last week, while being ill. I pictured an image of the dream in the drawing and parts of the three cards that I had pulled. In my dream I was ill. It was a short dream, consisting of one scene, followed by a sentence. The scene was that I stood on a little stool. That was all. There was a sentence after this scene: “Does she have something that can cure her, and then she does not do it”.

This is what I did:
1. I chose a dream-fragment.
2. I went back into that fragment in my imagination, to see and feel what happened there.
3. I drew a scene from the dream-fragment, and I look at it for a while when it was finished.
4. I asked a relevant question to the cards It was: What helps me? Some other questions: What do I need to look at? What needs to be done? How can I resolve (…)? What is my heart-desire? How can I grow (spiritually, personal) from this? How can I break-through (…)? What would be new behaviour here?
5. I pulled three cards, but the first time I did it, only one card, and I used symbols from them to put in the picture, along the lines Mary Greer suggests in her article about the Three Card Drawing in the Llewellyn Tarotreader 2006.
6. I looked and interpreted it so far as I could at that moment 
7. I went back into the dream to feel what was changed.
8. I finished with an affirmation.

The following is in brief what happened. When I went back into the dream I felt unstable standing on my three-legged stool. I started out with drawing myself on the stool, before pulling the cards, to feel even better what it was about. When I pictured myself on the stool I felt sorrow coming up, and I pictured that as well. Looking to the drawing I noticed I felt very powerless. My arms swayed helplessly in the air.

I decided to ask: “What helps me here?” After that I pulled three cards: Nine of Swords (1), Six of Swords (2), Eight of Cups (3). 

After pulling the cards I went to work on the drawing. After I finished the drawing, I looked at it for a while. I had pictured the boat from Six of Swords as an extension of my left hand, and the man from Eight of Cups on my right hand. After some time looking at it, I went back into the dream in my imagination, in fact because I wanted to explore something more, but I could not explore that any more, because I felt different, standing on that stool. I felt more stable and powerful, and I also felt that I was pulled in to the future, forwards. It was really glad that I went back in the dream after the drawing and looking at it. The affirmation that I wrote down afterwards was: “Steady I am going forwards.”

Having done this it could be rewarding to work with some details on the drawing, for instance with the red bundle in the boat (originating from the Six of Swords). Ah well, enough for now.

Funny is, that I felt that the drawing had changed something when I went back into the dream, but I did get the message on a rational level -what deep fears the dream had touched upon in which the cards try to help me- not earlier than today. So interesting! These things work, without your brain knowing it. That is in important insight. It is not about the interpretation, it is about what happens on a deeper sub-conscious level. That is where healing and changes take place.