May 31st, 2007

tiffany angel met lamp

Full Moon

Very, very brief. Very very, wrong. Just yesterday evening I discovered again -in a small class with two people- how important it is to really dive deep into the cards, alongside the attention to what happens between the two of them during the reading, these people are very open to that. We used this chakra-spread in that class, which is a profound and insightful spread (the second one in the link by mooncat2).

My question is inspired by the moon, which is almost full. Story is that when the moon is full, things can come fruition, or issues can come into the light. My question is, “What can come to fruition now, or what can come into light, so that I can see it?”

The card that I have pulled is Lord of Teacups from the Tarot of Jane Austen, made by chelsearoadDepicted is Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. 


What has happened during the waxing moon is that I became very vulnerable. The cause was the fever I had for a long time. I could not handle situations in which people said things about me or my situation. And I was easily irritated, for instance by the singing of my daughter, or by the noises she made. I dreamt about water pipes that broke loose and spilled water all over my house. 

That is better now. I feel stronger. I am not so vulnerable anymore. That is what has come to fruition, to the light. I flowed from the dramatic Maiden of Teacups to the Lord of Teacups. He has feelings and has empathy, but his feelings will not overflow him So, here I stand, as the Lord of Teacups toasting on my newly gained strength (still feverish though, but less).