June 1st, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Picture the Pain Spread: Card 5

It is already a long time ago that I started doing “Picture the Pain” spread by Christine Jette. For some time I posted one card a day. Then Pentecost came and the full moon, and I was distracted from my goal. I still have to post the last card, card five. The card represents a turning point. It shows what is needed for healing. The card that I letting me know what is needed for healing, and is a turningpoint for healing to take place is Five of Swords from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


Two bigger boys are teasing a little one in a nasty way. It was not until I read the essay about the card that I understood it. I need to stop bullying myself and being angry with myself. Hmmm, that is difficult. Calls for a huge transformation process. It is good to see this message time and time again (that is how cards work). And I am trying, but often forgetting.