June 3rd, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

'Keeping It Practical'

I had a dream last night as a response to the card that I had pulled yesterday evening. It was a response to the Six of Swords card, that symbolized the ‘big bad wolf’, the threat that I experienced. 


The threat was that I would not be able to reach my destiny with a sailing ship, because the wind would stop blowing, forcing the ship to stay in the middle of the sea.

The biggest project in my life that is stopped in the middle is my PhD thesis. I had typed too much and developed RSI.(…typing this I bring back in my other chair to sit on, the one without a back, the one I was sitting on makes me sit easily with a stooped back, which is not good for the arms). It was a highly theoretical thesis about a difficult subject. Having to stop with it, not having it finished is a moment of ‘before’ and ‘after’ in my life; a seizure.

I dreamt about my thesis. I dreamt that I had a new supervisor, one of the co-workers of my husband, a practical man, not very profound (at least when he is in public). I was working on the thesis, sitting behind the computer, typing. The supervisor walked past me and said: “Where is the row of houses?” A bit strange maybe, but these words meant to me in the dream: “Where is the practical side of it all?” I started blurting out: “No, I don’t…” but then I remembered that I wanted to finish the thesis. I should not make it to complicated. If I was able to keep it simple,"practical", then I could finish it (here is a pin on words, I worked in the field of ‘Practical Theology’).

As in any dream, there are many layers. To keep it in the here and now, this morning I thought I should go back to the course I am developing about psalm 119 and the tarot, despite I do not feel all to well. Working is one of my coping strategies, and I think I should use that strategy right now. I had to stop working on this course in the middle of it when I got this fever. Finishing it is a practical thing to do, and it will keep the threat of the big bad wolf away, because it will give me a feeling of accomplishment when working on it, as well as a bit of diversion, and when it is finished I will have reached a shore.
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Big Bad Wolf: Card 2

Today I have pulled the second card of the Big Bad Wolf spread


Yesterday I have pulled the first card, that showed who the big bad wolf was in life. It was the Six of Swords from the Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights. The threat was that the wind would stop blowing and that I was not being able to reach the other side, my destination, being trapped in the middle of the sea. More on that in the entry of yesterday


The second question in this spread is: “What is the intensity of this threat?” Here it is that I can see if the threat is real or paranoia. I have pulled Two of Pentacles from the same deck as I used yesterday. 


To be honest, the threat feels intense, last I dreamt of it again, but the card does not show the threat with the intensity that I feel it. The ‘reality-check’ with this deck shows that the threat is more paranoia than a real threat. On the card a boy sits on a hill playing the flute. Down under is river, a friendly one, the water is not as deep as the ocean on the card that I pulled yesterday. You can easily stand in it; the buffalos show that drinking from the water. And the water can be easily crossed, there are even dry patches, and if a rest is needed than that is possible, there are little islands in the river to rest on. And that dark mountain far away? Hmmm, that bothers me slightly, but I think that is needed for contrast, to show how peaceful it all is in the area nearby.

Reading the card differently, for an attitude regarding the big bad wolf, the card is telling me that if I enjoy myself, play my own music and see things in perspective -the boy is sitting on a hill and has a view over the valley- than the big bad wolf is easily defeated. But there are more cards to come.