June 8th, 2007


Big Bad Wolf: Card 7

The last question in the Big Bad Wolf spread from which I have pulled a card each day for the past six days, is: “What is the next task after I have defeated the Big Bad Wolf?” As a response to this question I pulled the Chariot from the Tarot of Thousand and One Nights. 

Initially I found it hard to interpret the card. I felt that I could not move away from the theme yet to the next task. But I guess that is the point. I should enjoy the moment, having slain the Big Bad Wolf. There is reason for being happy, grateful, and for feelings of victory as well. I feel solid earth under my feet again, or more aptly right now: under the wheels of my chariot and have found back my instruments for finding that. 

It is odd. I chose the Big Bad Wolf spread last week because I did not feel comfortable doing a spread I had chosen from Christine Jette her book “Tarot for the Healing Heart”. I felt too vulnerable journaling about it. But I was as naïve as Little Red Riding Hood when I set out with the Big Bad Wolf spread, thinking it would be easier.


I guess this spread has made me feel even more uncomfortable than the spread in the Healing Heart would have done. Tricked by the Big Bad Wolf.

On to one of the Healing Heart spreads then… Well, maybe.