June 11th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Self-love, I Forgot Self-love

Self-love, I did not put in self-love as one of the meanings of the card in position 1 of the Broken Heart Spread that I started to do yesterday. Quite important, selflove. Here, as the Heart of Darkness, the name of the position of this card I must read it read as 'lack of self-love' obviously. 


On this card that gets a particular slant because a blonde woman meets a black haired man. By this the card gets a bit of the Two of Cups on which traditionally a man meets a woman, meaning -among other things- that opposites come together, which is healing process. So for me there is something in this Ace of Cups as the need to meet an opposite or a shadow.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Broken Heart: Card 2

The second position in The Broken Heart spread -the spread from which I pull a card each day- is about the body. How does dis-ease (card 1) express itself in the body? What is my body trying to tell? As a response to this question I have pulled Ten of Cups from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 

On this card a mother shows her baby proudly to neighbours and family. Maybe the baby is just baptized, the mother wears a lovely hat and the man behind her could be holding a church-book in his hand. In the back a woman comes in with a little bouquet of flowers, that could be a present to the new mother.

The occasion on the card and the flower on the bonnet from which the colours correspond so nicely with the blanket of the baby, remind me of the baptism of Amalia, the first child of princess Maxima and prince Willem Alexander. Maxima wore an exceptional hat that coloured wonderful with the crème dress of baby. 


All nice, but the Ten of Cups card shows something for me which is not so nice. The card shows how the ‘dis-ease’ of card one expresses itself in my body. Ten of Cups is about feeling at home with yourself or with your family, This position is about the body. The card shows I do not feel comfortable in my body. I do not, because I am still a little bit feverish and very tired from having had that for such a long time. In fact my body feels as if it has to lie down, like the baby on the card. I push it a little by not doing that. If I relate the card to card one, the Ace of Cups, I would say that my body feels unloved and uncared for, neglected. And it is trying to tell me it needs care and love.