June 14th, 2007

by Tangerine icons, Amanda Hall

Broken Heart: Card 5

Today I have read the card for position five from the Broken Heart spread from Christine Jette. The question is how my dis-ease (card 1) disconnect me from my healing potential. In a note the Christine Jette remarks that if you like the card, there is no spiritual unrest on this plane. 


I have pulled the Sun. I like the card. It’s such a lovely Sun. It is light, open and feminine; very different from other cards of the Sun, on which the sun shines too hard. Still, I think the Sun blocks my potential. I am afraid and I worry quickly about my actions; very different from the woman on the card. That makes it hard to heal the lack of self-love on card one.
angry cat from lidi

Broken Heart: Evaluation

I have pulled all five of the cards of the Broken Heart spread now; a spread of Christine Jette from her book Tarot for the Healing Heart. I did not like the spread. I had thought beforehand that I would not like it, and I did not.

The preposition of the spread is that if universal life force or creativity is experienced in a unobstructed way it creates health and happiness in life. If it is distorted, it creates negative experiences and illness. Because the spread had this vision as fundament, it follows that you had to read almost all the positions in the spread as ‘negative’. I think this underlying vision of the spread, that blocked life force brings illness, is nonsense. It is a one dimensional and flat vision on illness.

Of course disease has effects on all levels of being, and not all of them are easy. And of course no one likes being ill and limited.

But illness does not have to have on all levels a negative effect. It gives one stamina, endurance, challenges one on many levels of being. I think illness can give one and often gives a tremendous life experience because it is so challenging. Besides that, the life force is often very strong in ill people, because being ill means having to cope and live with it all the time. It gets all the negative and positive traits out in one. Furthermore, this vision on the life force that has to flow all the time, sort of surpasses the fact that human life is vulnerable, that we can die. It values the healthy and the strong and disvalues the weak and the old. I do not like that.

I will never do this spread with a group of ill people. Probably other spreads in the book are better. I’ll see.