June 17th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Midsummer's Dream: Card 3

I am doing the Midsummer’s Dream spread (by Christine Jette, from her book Tarot for All Seasons) because Midsummer is almost there.

The card that I have pulled today is the third position in the spread. The position is called: "The Need for Protection". The card is meant to show my vulnerabilities or where I might block my heart’s desire.

This morning I thought: “Maybe I have pulled the first card of this spread, "my heart desire," too quickly because I was in a hurry.” I thought this, because I did not understand the first card really well. This first card was Three of Cups and shows my heart desire, so that is an important card. 


That evening I had to read at a party of a friend and another friend would be there as well to do short astrological consultations (in the end she could not come). The three of organize an big event together in our village on the field of complementary health and spirituality. This morning I thought: “What if the card reflects just the three of us? Or, What if it just shows my expectations of that evening, the party?” Although I know a card often applies to several situations, I did not have the feeling that I really could pinpoint my heart-desire in the card. 

So I pulled other cards to get some clarity. First I pulled a card which showed what the Three of Cups did not mean. That was Five of Coins, depicting a dapper but sick woman, sitting there a all alone. I also pulled a card with the question what the card did mean. As an answer I received Two of Teacups, a card of new found love. What clearer message can you get, al about contact, but still I was not content…After that I thought to pull a Major then. It could hardly be another card, I pulled the Lovers. So my heart desire is to come into contact, and do what I really love to do (Lovers). And still I did not get the feeling that I really understood the card. I even felt a bit ashamed, not knowing my heart desire.

That is where I am right now, and the card that blocks my heart desire is Seven of Teacups (Cups) from the Tarot of Jane Austen by chelsearoad. This card shows what blocks my heart-desire. 


Depicted is Harriet Martin, from Emma. She loves a farmer, is talked out of that love and is being talked into being in love with somebody else. But that man does not want her. So, if I apply it to myself, I cannot reach my heart-desire, my centre. I talk myself in and out loving something. but I do not know what my heart desire really is at the moment. It contact with others, doing what I love…starting something new what I love…I have something in mind… but do I really like that… all vague. There are just fantasies and possibilities floating above my head.