June 18th, 2007

bruiloft te Kana

Midsummer's Dream: Resistance

I am doing a spread called Midsummer’s Dream, made by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for All Seasons. Each day I pull one card from it. The spread focuses on having a heart- desire -something your soul yearns for, so to say- and invites you to investigate what blocks the manifestation of this desire and what helps you to obtain it.

The problem that I encountered in doing the spread is that I could not really pin down my heart desire. It is vague for me. I’m educated in the James Wanless’ branch of tarot where you have to formulate your goals yourself…but regretfully I did not do that this time. Funny enough I do feel a bit vague myself too, caused by an infection. That goes well together with my vagueness in the area of my heart-desire.

Today I try to get a grip on the spread by formulating my heart desire again, the first card in the spread. The card that I pulled as an image of this desire is Three of Teacups from the Tarot of Jane Austen by chelsearoad


I start with my resistance against the card. That is always the best way to come somewhere. (… why am I always forgetting that…). My resistance to the Three of Cups, (called here Three of Teacups) is that I find it over the top, not grounded, not balanced, not serious, no endurance, no boundaries, lack of control, superficial, only fun and joy.

Now I ask, what is lacking in my life right now? Hmmm...Fun and joy…

What follows from this about my heart desire? Having more fun and joy in my life.