June 19th, 2007

baba yaga

Healing Art and Tarot: Sorrow

Yesterday I did something new with tarot cards. I have combined them with a drawing, and pasted them into a drawing, to get more insight.

I explored a feeling that I encountered that day, which was sorrow. First I searched where it was located in my body and then I visualized how it looked like. It was an orange ball in my belly, and on it was a black lid made of tar, which was located in my stomach. I gave me the feeling I repressed my grief. I dialogued with the two components of the drawing, and discovered I met a top-dog in the lid. I could have stopped there, it gave me much, but I decided to draw two extra cards for still more information, using the RWS. 


The first card was for insight in the black tar lid. Eight of Pentacles came on the table as the card to give me that insight. I work to evade feelings which leads to repression. I knew that, but still, it is confronting.

The second card was for insight in the colour orange. For that I pulled King of Cups. I was shocked seeing him, he is so in control. The control-thing came out already in my dialogue with the colour orange and the lid showed that of course. But still. I did not like seeing him in relation to this colour which showed my feeling. 


When I pasted the cards on the paper and after I used my pastels to make a drawing, I saw how me being busy disconnects me from my feeling side. The King of Cups, sitting in the middle of the orange ball, represses my feeling side extra.

I could not sleep, I had a stomach-ache just at the place where the lid of tar was in my body.
shrouded crucifix

Midsummer's Dream: Card 4

Yesterday, before I did the drawings I have posted in my previous spread, I had pulled the card that belongs at the fourth position of the Midsummer’s Dream spread. The position is called: "Future Trends of the Need for Protection". The question for this position is: What trends are being set? Am I on my way to fulfilling my heart’s desire, or do I need to go in another direction?

I have pulled the Emperor from the Tarot of Jane Austen made bychelsearoad. Depicted is Sir Thomas from Mansfield Park, a stern and conservative man. 

There is a huge contrast between this card and the card that represented my heart’s desire, Three of Cups. The Three of Cups card has a sense of freedom, fun and going with the flow. The Emperor is strict; he defends and builds his empire, and is in need of control. Sir Thomas -and the Emperor-  has a strong moral code, according to Diane Wilkes her essay about this card. One of the themes in the Mansfield Park is a play to be held in the house, to which Sir Thomas objects when he comes back from a long trip. That depicts his moral code.

Do I need to go in another direction? I think so, at least if I want to have more Three of Cups fun flowing in my life. Having drawn this stern Emperor made me aware of that. But he is so stern and stands such a high moral ground that I think it will not be a simple thing to do, going in another direction.