June 20th, 2007

baba yaga

Midsummer's Dream: Card 5

I am still doing the Midsummer’s Dream spread by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for all Seasons. Each day I pull one card from this spread. The question that I have answered today is position 5 and is called “Paying Attention to Intuition”. The card that I pulled in that position indicates my receptiveness to the inner voice of wisdom. The card is related to card one, my heart’s desire, because my inner voice is supposed to resonate with and encourage my heart desire. The card that represented this desire was Three of Teacups, a need for light-hearted fun and enjoyment.

I have pulled Ten of Candlesticks (Wands) today, for my receptiveness to my inner voice of wisdom.

The card pictures Anne Elliot, from the book Persuasion. Anne is playing the pianoforte, so that the others can dance, but she herself cannot, glued to the piano as she is. Her former fiancé is dancing too. Many years ago she broke up with him because her family and friends did not find him not suitable for her, and because she thought it would be best for him to leave her. But she is regretting it now. While she is playing the pianoforte he is courting, looking for a wife. By playing the piano Anne is contributing to a situation that gives her pain. She is ‘doing good’ against her self-interest.

My intuition is telling me to set aside my high moral code, and start enjoying myself. The card shows (because it is problematic) that I am not receptive to my inner voice. My moral code takes the forefront. For a second day in a row a have received a card that is urging me to let go of strictness, to loosen my standards and to act according to self-interest.

My inner conflict has become very clear now. “I must (because I should…ought.., represented by the Emperor and the Ten of Wands)”, against “having fun” (Three of Teacups).

Being ‘too frivolous’ was my resistance against the Three of Cups, the card that I pulled as my heart’s desire. Thus I look at my heart desire with my high moral standard.

Oh…why is tarot always so confronting?