June 25th, 2007

bed by semyaza

A Fresh Perspective of Disease

I have started today with the third spread from Tarot for the Healing Heart by Christine Jette. It is called “A Fresh Perspective of Disease.” 

The spread consists of four cards.
Card 1: Represents me, right at this moment.
Card 2: My past (what needs to be healed from the past).
Card 3: (After in meditation talking to a ‘Wise Being’ about my purpose in life.) The reason why I am born: A card that connects me to Spirit.
Card 4: Higher overview of my life. Knowing the patterns and the purpose of my life: how can I participate more fully?

I have used the Victorian Romantic Tarot and I have pulled the Wheel of Fortune as card 1, the card that represents me at this moment.


Karen Mahony says in her essay about the card that the tarot often asks us to think about the consequences of our actions and decisions, but when meeting the Wheel of Fortune “the message is that there are some things that just happen, without any obvious chain of cause and effect.” We must deal with what happen with the cycles of fate and fortune that are beyond our control. The picture on the card has a king on it, who offers a crown to a young man. It brings into memory fifteenths century tarot cards on which a wheel is pictured on which figures are ascending and descending. On some versions they say: “I reign”, “I shall reign”, “I have reigned” and “I don’t reign”.

For now I see the card depicting my view on illness: fate that hits you, and fate you have to deal with. I am not supporting views that see illness simple as a distorted balance between body and mind, in which the mind is solely responsible for the illness, for example that repressing certain emotions leads to illness, or that ‘negative thinking’ leads to illness. Certainly there is a relation between body and mind, and the mind will have influence on the body but I think that the relation between body and mind is much more complex than these views suggest. For now, for me it is fruitful to see illness as ‘fate’ I have to deal with, if I like it or not. Probably the card will take on more meanings, when I have pulled other cards to relate it to.