June 27th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Peter Pan

Again I have pulled Three of Cups (just as in the previous spread), now in the version of Three of Hearts from the Inner Child Cards. 


I pulled it in a spread that I had created for a course and had to try out. The spread was about the Peter Pan syndrome (puer psychology), not wanting to grow up, living in a provisional world in which all has yet to come. And 'all' means here being famous, achieving something big, being a very special healer or even the Messiah himself. The problem the Peter Pans experience often is that they not seem to get anything done. Not that many people in my classes are Peter Pans, but to get a feel of it, it helps to do a spread. The Three of Hearts in the spread gave me advise how to handle fantasies of grandiosity, how to get a more realistic view on myself.

The first card represented the fantasies of grandeur. That was Nine of Wands, a card on which a little girl opens a gate. 


I must open a gate, I must meet a challenge. When I stand before it I think I can do it easily, and I must do it easily, live up the that expectation. The bait is that when I have met the challenge and conquered it, I will be free, I will feel relaxed, I will be in paradise. Somehow I have internalized that I must meet challenges (easily) in order to be worthy. After that I can relax and be happy. Until then I live in a provisional world, a world of not yet. Not real. Sadly, there is always a new challenge to meet, when I just conquered one. The Three of Hearts shows to have fun in meeting the challenges (view them in another way, not as challenges), and what is more: to have fun right now, to live in the moment, and not live in a provisional world. It advises me not to procrastinate having fun.