July 14th, 2007

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Advise from a Pregnant Empress

I start this day with asking advice about how to proceed today. It is before nine o’clock, and already feel tension building arising from desire wanting to prepare the last lesson from the course I am preparing, arising form being enthusiast about my ideas for it. At the same time I feel a lingering fear about this paper I must present at the end of the summer. The card I have pulled is the Empress from the Jane Austen Tarot. Pictured is a pregnant Anne Weston, from Emma. 

The Empress embodies the principle of creativity. I think I should let my ideas flow out my pencil today. In fact I want to go on and on, just to finish the course today, but the card does not advise that. Anne Weston sits and enjoys her state of being. Although the Empress rules over the processes of growth, which have a certain rythm, she can be boundless. I try not to be boundless. In fact I cannot be boundless physically, because my arms hurt.


Just took a shower, and guess... a useful idea for my paper popped up. Ah, that the influence of the Empress, especially of this pregnant Empress (she always is, but on this card it it very visible). Things need to grow naturally, sometimes they come out in 'off'-moments, like when enjoying a shower.