July 17th, 2007


Healing Art: Vigorously Fishing Feelings

Yesterday I started with questions that helped to interpret the healing drawing I made. Today I answer two more. 


Question 3: How do you feel now about your ability to heal?

The card as a response to that question was the Hermit from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


The hermit on this card has an hourglass in his hand, following an old tradition of depicting the Hermit as Father Time. Therefore he carries also a scythe. In that way this Hermit is linked to the Death card. I do have the ability to heal, but it takes time (hourglass) and probably some process of change (scythe: Death), and rest.

Question 4: What have you learned about this part of yourself that is in need of healing?

The card that I pulled is this greedy elf who collects riches, but wants to catch a soul, Seven of Cups. 


I am still in search for an answer. Probably the afflicted part of me collects feelings in the illusion that it are riches, instead of letting them go. In fact that is more an interpretation of the Four of Pentacles card, than of the Seven of Cups. But the card is showing it. Probably the afflicted part is disappointed in what life gives, wanting to search on and on for something more, which is a again an illusion. Or it is fishing in the feeling of others, trying to get to the bottem of them, understand them as an empath, or to figure out what stand to take against them? I am not getting it, the bottom of it (just as the theme of the card) but I do know from my drawing I should let go. 

The waterfall itself teaches me that it is important to let go, to let feelings go downwards in a steady flow, as if gravity pulls them down. In that way, they cannot hook me.